Be more bee…

Dit keertje is mijn blog in het Engels.

Ik plaatste deze post op mijn kanaal Sienrisereality.  

Be more bee… sometimes it’s easier said than done… I write this with love and an open mind. No labeling, just trying to bring some #sienrisereality and make people understand it a bit better #empathymatters #borderlinepersonalitydisorder#nolabeling 

My life with Mark… MV, alias Mr. Canasta, Mr. Weazel: he is funny, enthousiastic, passionate, direct, has humour, talks a lot, talks about interesting topics, loves connection with people, likes to dance, play cards, checking footballstatistics, adores nature, waterfalls, animals (no dogs or bulls) and rainbows. At the same time he struggles with life, every day, he does have to figure out how to deal with life, every day. Mark… highsensitive, BPD, feels like not be able to connect, reacts when he should better be breathing instead, is unhandy, sees things very black and white, sometimes can’t controle his emotions due to trauma, innerpain… He doesn’t want that at all, believe me! And is ashamed afterwards when he is able to reflect. Has often to deal with the unintended damage caused to the behavior (it is not who he is!): mentally, physically and in (unintended destroyed) relations…

I lived with him for more then 2 years now and shared ‘love and pain’. Believe me when I say that Mark is a good men! And I am proud of him that he is putting himself out there: vulnerable, tough, strong and weak at the same time, dealing with life, challenging himself big time! #proudofyou 

For him walking ís the best medicine: less negative thinking (when the walk isn’t tó hard), being in nature, no influence from society or people or other circumstances, relaxed, enjoying himself without worrying all the time, dance without caring what other people think,… 

I support him and keep on doing that: he deserves it. Even if it is hard, even if I don’t always understand the situation, I do and I try. I can only ask with my heart that you try to do too. #request

Ps.:  Een Nederlandstalige versie van dit schrijven vind je terug onder de blog #chronischepijn. (Look for a Dutch version of this blog at #chronischepijn)

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